20th Century Masquerade.jpg

20th Century Masquerade

S/S 2017


A descendant of past African Kings and Queens, the new African woman is born. 
With the return of the diasporic woman, the patriarchal society has been eradicated. We celebrate the 20th Century Masquerade, for she is accomplished in her own right, a believer in gender equality.

This collection features heavy embroidery inspired by the traditions of eastern Nigeria. Running through the collection are delicate yet intricately hand-sewn embellishments that enhance the beauty and status of the woman together with an array of beads, crystals, pearls and glass stones. Silhouettes vary from off-shoulder necklines, to defined small waistlines, 3/4 length waterfall skirt flounces, to long tailored palazzo pants and floor length fishtail gowns.

Aesthetically pleasing on the eye, brightly coloured chiffon flower embroidery is decorated in sparkly beaded leaf details, inspired by the colours of the tropics. Rainbow stone pearls and glass crystals are coupled with silver and gold fine beaded surrounding details, over aqua blue, lemon yellow, cobalt blue, pastel orange, fiery red and fuchsia pink double silks, heavy crepe, marocain silks and fine tulle fabrics.

A fortress of her heritage and culture, the new African woman is revealed.